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Unlimited online backup and cloud storage for home and enterprise

DataShell offers a number of unlimited online backup and cloud storage products.

Free Trial

We are so confident you will love DataShell we are offering anyone one month’s free trial. No credit card required for sign-up and we won’t spam you we promise!

Online Backup

DataShell offers two unlimited online backup services. DataShell Backup Home is aimed at individuals, offering unlimited cloud backup for five machines. The DataShell Backup Enterprise is aimed at large companies and organisations, allowing them to backup their data on an unlimited number of computers.

DataShell Drive

DataShell Drive provides cloud storage for your files, letting you mirror a single drive across multiple machines; meaning your data is easy to reach from any of your computers, phone or tablet or via the DataShell web portal. Prices for DataShell Drive are per 500GB up to a maximum of 2TB.

DataShell products

DataShell Backup Home DataShell Backup Enterprise DataShell Drive
Unlimited Online Backup Storage yes yes yes
Provides A Mirrored Drive on Unlimited Machines No No yes
Windows, Mac OS, Android, iPad & iPhone yes yes yes
Number of Computers 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Automatic Background Backups yes yes yes
Web Portal for Remote File Access yes yes yes
Remotely Share Your Files with Others yes yes yes
Telephone Support No yes yes
Version History yes yes yes
Optional Encryption yes yes yes
Yearly Subscription Cost (GBP) £50 £100 £150


Unlimited, Automatic and Secure

Yes: DataShell really offers unlimited online backup and cloud storage – you can backup as much data and as many files as you want with no limitations on file size or bandwidth.

DataShell is automatic. All backups and file transfers occur in the background on your computer or device with no bandwidth limits from our servers. Your files can then be accessed or shared with others from anywhere via your DataShell portal.

DataShell is secure. We backup your backups for you: all your data is stored in multiple data centres all over the UK.

Interested in trying DataShell today? You can order on-line or or select a free one month trial via the DataShell shop

Further Information

If you are interested in backing network attached storage devices (NAS) we provide this as an extra bolt-on product which can be purchased via the DataShell shop and is fully compatible with all of the products listed above. Please see our FAQ for more information.

We do not currently provide solutions which run in Linux, but you can backup your Linux files if the hard drive is on the same computer.

*Bitcoin and Litecoin prices shown are an approximate guide, you will be charged the current exchange rate at the time of purchase.