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As promised, DataShell have been busy working on a number of new backup and storage solutions for our customers. Today we are proud to announce the launch of our new product DataShell Drive.

DataShell Drive is an extension to DataShell Backup; in addition to backing up all of the files on your computers DataShell Drive allows you to create a hard disk drive image that can be replicated across an unlimited number of computers.

The files are kept locally so access times are as fast as working normally on your computer. However, should you save a file onto your computer’s DataShell Drive it is immediately transferred to all other copies of your DataShell Drive on all other computers; meaning you’ll have identical copies of all your files at work, home, on your tablet etc.

There is no limit to how many DataShell Drives you can install – you are only limited by the number of computers and devices you have.

DataShell Drive also allows you to work on files whilst you are off-line and synchronise when you’re next online.

You can share anything stored on your DataShell Drive with other people. To share publically you can give anyone a URL to allow unlimited downfalls of file you want to share. To share privately you can create a private URL with a username and password.

The standard DataShell Drive comes with 500GB storage per year and can be upgraded with additional segments of 500GB up to 2TB in total.