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Relentless Software limited, a Brighton based games developer and one of our customers, have just moved away from Dropbox to DataShell. They are not the first! But Relentless have said they are keen for us to blog about this as they are genuinely upset with the level of service they have received from Dropbox.

Yesterday Relentless shared a 1.4GB file with 400 of their customers using a Dropbox public link. Dropbox then suspended their account claiming they were using too much bandwidth.

We leapt to their aid, setting them up an account allowing them to share their files via DataShell. The whole service was up in minutes and with no limit on bandwidth Relentless can have as many customers as they want downloading at maximum speed.

“After sharing a file on Dropbox we found that within 24 hours our public sharing facility had been suspended. This could have caused a huge customer support problem as our customers began to complain about a broken link. However, Datashell was not only able to share the files instantly and with no limitation, but that we had no problems reported from our customers either.” – Andy Eades, CEO, Relentless Software

Relentless have allowed us to share the file to readers of this article. It’s a windows version of their hit game Blue Toad Murder Files ‘The Mysteries of Little Riddle’. See here for a video trailer for the game or here to purchase a copy on iTunes. Or a full free windows version is available here hosted on our Datashell servers.

Users will be able to download this file an unlimited number of times because DataShell is a truly unlimited service.

Follow this link to access a free trial copy of this game and judge DataShell’s download speeds for yourself – our intentional customers are consistently reporting excellent download and upload speeds. This is because our service is global: our UK servers are peered with faster networks and have multiple entry points from around the globe.

DataShell is a truly unlimited service; you won’t find daily download caps or a file size limit like other providers. So when we say unlimited we mean truly mean unlimited.

  1. wki55382
    January 9, 2014 Reply

    Good article & thanks for the game!. It works well.

  2. Dave1965
    April 30, 2014 Reply

    does your service have any restrictions on file size? I want to store files such as video and photos each of which is going to exceed 2GB.

    1. datashell
      April 30, 2014 Reply

      Absolutely no reactions on file size, this is what is says in our FAQ:

      Is There a File Size Limit When Uploading?
      DataShell does not have a file size limit when uploading files using your desktop software.
      However there is a 2GB limit when uploading to your DataShell Drive product via your web portal.